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Trial by Trolley is a captivating and darkly humorous party game designed for a group of players, usually ranging from three to thirteen participants. Developed by Skybound Games, this game challenges players to make tough moral decisions while trying to sway a judgment in their favour.

Key features of Trial by Trolley include:

  1. Scenario-Based Gameplay: The game centres around an ethical dilemma where two trolley cars are headed towards a disastrous collision. Players split into two teams, with each team representing one trolley car. The conductor, a neutral player, decides which trolley survives and which meets its unfortunate fate.

  2. Difficult Choices: Players are dealt cards representing characters, objects, or scenarios placed on each track. The teams present compelling arguments as to why the opposing trolley should be spared or destroyed. It forces players to make tough decisions that might involve sacrificing one group to save another.

  3. Argumentation and Persuasion: The game encourages creative and humorous reasoning as players try to convince the conductor to spare their trolley by presenting bizarre or absurd justifications for their choices.

  4. Unpredictable Outcomes: Each round results in unexpected and often humorous consequences. The conductor's decision is based on the most convincing or outrageous arguments presented by the teams, leading to unpredictable outcomes that can stir laughter or debate among players.

  5. Variety and Replay ability: Trial by Trolley features multiple scenario cards, characters, and situations, ensuring varied gameplay experiences in each session. With its replay ability, the game remains engaging and entertaining across multiple playthroughs.

  6. Social Interaction: The game encourages lively discussions and debates among players, fostering interaction and creating a dynamic social atmosphere as individuals advocate for their respective trolleys.

  7. Dark Humour: Trial by Trolley incorporates dark humour and absurd scenarios, appealing to players who appreciate a unique blend of strategy, moral quandaries, and offbeat comedy.

Overall, Trial by Trolley offers a blend of strategic decision-making, moral dilemmas, and humorous argumentation, creating an engaging and entertaining experience that prompts players to think creatively and enjoyably wrestle with ethical quandaries in an unconventional setting.

Playing Time: 15+ mins

Number of Players: 3-13

Age Range: 14+


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