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Timeline Twist is an engaging and thought-provoking card game that challenges players to rearrange historical events, inventions, discoveries, and cultural milestones within a timeline. In this hypothetical game, players exercise their knowledge of historical facts and their ability to sequence events accurately to claim victory.

Gameplay: The game features a deck of cards, each depicting an event, invention, or discovery on one side and its associated date or period on the other. Players start with a set number of cards, and the goal is to correctly place them within the timeline.

At the beginning of the game, one card is placed in the centre, representing the starting point of the timeline. Players take turns drawing cards from the deck, each featuring an event or discovery, and must determine where it fits within the timeline by placing it before or after the existing cards.

The twist in Timeline Twist occurs when a player challenges the accuracy of the timeline. If they believe a card is misplaced, they can challenge its position. If incorrect, the challenging player takes the card. However, if the challenged player was correct, the challenger receives the card.

Key Features :

  1. Historical Themes: The game spans various historical periods, including cultural milestones, inventions, scientific discoveries, and significant events.
  2. Strategic Sequencing: Players use their knowledge and deductive skills to correctly place cards in chronological order within the timeline.
  3. Challenging Mechanics: The twist in gameplay comes with the challenge mechanic, where players can question and contest the accuracy of the timeline placements.
  4. Educational and Entertaining: Timeline Twist combines educational value with entertainment, allowing players to learn about historical events while engaging in a challenging game.
  5. Flexibility and Replay ability: The game's diverse historical cards ensure replay ability, allowing for different configurations of the timeline in each playthrough.

Family: Timeline

Playing Time: 15 min

Number of Players: 2-6

Age Range: 8+


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