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Collaborate as a team to achieve the highest score in this cooperative word-association game! Acquire Keywords and discreetly jot down their shared features on your Clover board; these become your Clues. Then, collectively deduce each player's Keywords. Tally your score based on the number of Keywords you successfully identify and record it in the Record of Legends. Challenge yourselves to surpass your previous high score in each subsequent game!

  1. Team Collaboration: The game promotes teamwork and collaboration as players work together to achieve the highest score. This fosters a sense of unity and shared goals among participants.

  2. Word-Association Skills: Engaging in a word-association game enhances players' ability to connect and associate words based on shared features. This skill can be valuable in various cognitive tasks.

  3. Strategic Thinking: Deciding on shared features for Keywords and strategically deducing each player's Keywords involve critical thinking and strategic planning, contributing to cognitive development.

  4. Communication Skills: The game encourages effective communication within the team. Players must convey their thoughts and ideas clearly to collaboratively deduce Keywords and improve overall team coordination.

  5. Cooperative Problem-Solving: Working together to figure out each player's Keywords involves cooperative problem-solving. Players must consider multiple perspectives and contribute to solving the challenges presented in the game.

  6. Memory Enhancement: Remembering and recalling the shared features of Keywords, as well as deducing individual player Keywords, can enhance memory skills over the course of the game.

  7. Record-Keeping: Maintaining a Record of Legends adds an element of organization and record-keeping. This skill can be applied to various aspects of life, promoting a sense of order and tracking progress.

  8. Friendly Competition: The challenge to beat the previous high score introduces a friendly competitive element. This can motivate players to improve their performance and adds an extra layer of excitement to each game.

  9. Entertainment and Enjoyment: The cooperative and deductive nature of the game ensures an entertaining and enjoyable experience for participants, making it a pleasant and engaging activity.

  10. Continuous Improvement: The emphasis on surpassing previous high scores encourages a mindset of continuous improvement. This aspect of the game can instil a sense of achievement and motivation to enhance performance in subsequent sessions.

Playing Time: 30mins

Number of Players: 3-6

Age Range: 10+


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