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Tokaido: Matsuri Minis comprises sixteen unpainted miniatures designed to resemble the characters introduced in the Tokaido: Matsuri expansion. These miniatures conveniently fit into a dedicated tray that seamlessly integrates into the Tokaido Deluxe Edition, providing a designated space for storage.

The inclusion of Tokaido: Matsuri Minis with sixteen unpainted miniatures tailored to the characters from the Tokaido: Matsuri expansion offers several advantages and benefits:

  1. Enhanced Immersion: Miniatures add a visual and tactile element to the gameplay experience, allowing players to physically see and interact with representations of the characters they encounter in Tokaido: Matsuri. This immersion enhances the thematic experience of the game.

  2. Customization and Personalization: Being unpainted, these miniatures offer players the opportunity for customization. Players can paint the miniatures to their liking, adding a personal touch and uniqueness to their gaming pieces.

  3. Collector's Appeal: Miniatures often hold collector's value for enthusiasts. The inclusion of these miniatures caters to collectors or players who enjoy owning physical representations of characters from the Tokaido universe.

  4. Integration with Tokaido Deluxe Edition: The dedicated tray designed for storing the miniatures in the Tokaido Deluxe Edition ensures organized and secure storage. This integration maintains the game's aesthetics while providing a convenient storage solution.

  5. Complements Expansion Content: As these miniatures correspond to characters introduced in the Tokaido: Matsuri expansion, they enhance the expansion's thematic elements. Players can associate the miniatures directly with the additional content, further enriching their gameplay experience.

  6. Value Addition to Deluxe Edition: For owners of the Tokaido Deluxe Edition, the inclusion of these miniatures adds value by expanding the game's components and providing a more comprehensive and immersive gaming experience.

  7. Appeal to Hobbyists: Painting miniatures can be a hobby in itself. Players interested in miniature painting or customization may find joy and satisfaction in painting these unpainted miniatures, adding an extra layer of engagement to their gaming experience.

In summary, Tokaido: Matsuri Minis offer players the chance to visually engage with the characters from the Matsuri expansion in a tangible way, allowing for customization, enhanced thematic immersion, and organized storage within the Tokaido Deluxe Edition, thereby enriching the overall gameplay experience.

Family: Tokaido

Playing Time: 45 mins

Number of Players: 2-5

Age Range: 8+


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