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CATAN, the immensely popular board game, is cherished for its strategic gameplay and resource management. The CATAN Family Edition is a variant of this classic game, tailored to cater to a wider audience, including families and newcomers to the world of board gaming. Here's a detailed description:

The CATAN Family Edition is a simplified yet engaging version of the original CATAN board game, designed for players aged 8 and above. Renowned for its accessible gameplay, it maintains the core mechanics and spirit of the original, making it perfect for families, casual gamers, and those new to the world of strategic board games.

The game includes a game board comprised of various terrain hexes representing resource-generating regions such as forests, fields, hills, mountains, and pastures. Additionally, there are settlements, roads, cities, resource cards (wood, brick, sheep, wheat, and ore), development cards, dice, and a robber pawn.

Players take on the roles of settlers on the fictional island of CATAN. The goal is to build and expand settlements, acquire resources, and trade strategically to achieve victory points. The first player to accumulate a set number of victory points (typically 10) wins the game.

Each turn, players roll dice to determine which terrain hexes produce resources. Players then use these resources to build roads, settlements, and cities, all of which contribute to gaining victory points. Trading resources with other players is also a key aspect of the game, fostering negotiation and strategic thinking.

The robber pawn adds an element of interaction and competition, allowing players to block resource production in specific regions and steal resources from opponents.

Differences from the Original CATAN:
The CATAN Family Edition simplifies certain elements of the original game, making it more accessible to younger players and families. It often features pre-set board layouts, reducing the initial setup complexity. The rules are streamlined without sacrificing the essence of strategic gameplay, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all ages.

The CATAN Family Edition is a fantastic entry point into the world of modern board gaming, offering an engaging and entertaining experience for players of all ages and skill levels.

The CATAN Family Edition offers several benefits, particularly geared toward families and those new to board gaming. Here are some of the advantages of the CATAN Family Edition:

  1. Family-Friendly Gameplay: Tailored specifically for families and younger players, it promotes bonding and shared experiences through its engaging gameplay. The rules are simplified, making it easier for children and adults to learn and play together.

  2. Accessible Rules: The game features streamlined rules that are easy to understand, reducing the barrier to entry for those unfamiliar with complex board games. This accessibility ensures a smoother learning curve, allowing players to grasp the mechanics quickly.

  3. Strategic Thinking: While simpler than the original CATAN, the Family Edition retains the core strategic elements that make the game enjoyable. Players must still make critical decisions about resource management, trading, and settlement placement to gain victory points, fostering strategic thinking and planning.

  4. Negotiation and Social Skills: The game encourages players to engage in negotiation and trading with each other. This aspect enhances social interaction, communication, and negotiation skills as players bargain and make deals to further their own strategies.

  5. Balanced Gameplay: With pre-set board layouts, the game ensures a balanced starting point for all players. This prevents any potential advantage for experienced players due to board setup, creating a fair and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

  6. Entertaining and Repayable: CATAN Family Edition offers a high level of replay ability. The variability in resource generation, player interactions, and strategic choices means that no two games are the same, keeping the gameplay fresh and entertaining.

  7. Introduction to Modern Board Gaming: As a gateway game to the world of modern board gaming, CATAN Family Edition serves as an excellent introduction. It familiarizes players with fundamental gaming concepts, setting the stage for exploring other board games with more complex mechanics and strategies.

  8. Engagement Across Generations: The game's blend of simplicity and strategy allows multiple generations within a family to enjoy and compete on a level playing field, creating memorable experiences for both children and adults.

Overall, the CATAN Family Edition offers an accessible, engaging, and family-oriented gaming experience, combining strategy and social interaction to create enjoyable gameplay for players of various ages and skill levels.

Family: CATAN

Playing Time: 60 mins

Number of Players: 3-4

Age Range: 10+


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