7 Wonders 2nd edition

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The globally celebrated game of crafting civilizations and card drafting in the ancient world makes a stunning comeback in a beautifully redesigned edition, now updated and streamlined to captivate a fresh audience! Lead a historical civilization through three ages, advancing culture, science, and military prowess, all while constructing a magnificent Wonder that will stand as your crowning achievement.

  1. Renewed Appeal: The stunning redesign and updated edition breathe new life into the game, making it appealing to both loyal fans and a fresh audience. The visual enhancements contribute to a more captivating gaming experience.

  2. Global Recognition: The game's global celebration and acclaim indicate its widespread popularity. This recognition suggest that it has resonated with players worldwide, offering a universally enjoyed gaming experience.

  3. Accessible Gameplay: The streamlined version ensures that the game is more accessible to a broader audience. The simplifications and updates cater to both experienced players and newcomers, fostering inclusivity.

  4. Historical Immersion: The game's focus on guiding a civilization through three ages provides an immersive historical experience. Players can engage with the challenges and advancements of different eras, adding an educational aspect to the game.

  5. Strategic Depth: The elements of culture, science, and military prowess introduce strategic depth to the gameplay. Players must make informed decisions to balance these aspects, creating a dynamic and intellectually stimulating experience.

  6. Updated Mechanics: The game benefits from updated and refined mechanics, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable gaming process. These enhancements contribute to the overall quality and satisfaction of the gaming experience.

  7. Cultural Development: Advancing culture as part of the gameplay allows players to experience the evolution of civilizations. This cultural development aspect adds richness to the narrative, making each playthrough unique.

  8. Scientific Advancements: The inclusion of scientific advancements as a gameplay element adds an exciting dimension. Players can strategize and progress through the ages by leveraging technological innovations, adding complexity to the game.

  9. Military Strategy: The military prowess component introduces strategic decision-making related to conflicts and warfare. This element adds a competitive edge to the gameplay, catering to players who enjoy strategic challenges.

  10. Wonder Construction: The objective of constructing a magnificent Wonder provides a tangible and visually satisfying goal. It serves as a crowning achievement for players, adding a sense of accomplishment to each gaming session.

Family: 7 Wonders

Playing Time: 30mins

Number of Players: 3-7

Age Range: 10+


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