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About Aurora World

The international company, Aurora World has been around since 1981. They are a global leader in plush toys and high-quality gift products with over 1000 different types of licensed character goods available for children or adults alike! The company is a producer and distributor of various products, including figures that can be found in major zoos around the world.

In the business world, Aurora is known for its high-quality products and competitive pricing. They also pride themselves in owning their manufacturing facilities while having expansive distribution resources that can get any product to your door within days or weeks rather than months like other companies!

Why to buy the products from Aurora World ?

For over 35 years, Aurora World’s commitment has been helping children learn and grow through play. They have several lines of plush toys that will assist any child in developing their ingenuity while having fun!

Dedicated to every step in the process and seeing it thru has been they commitment from day one. They are capable of producing anything that comes into mind because he have all factories ourselves, which means no matter what you need for your business can be produced quickly and effectively.

Pledge to Sustainability

In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, Aurora World has begun transitioning its products from the use of plush that contains harmful chemicals and other materials. The company began with 100% biodegradable pellets made from recycled material for all their shipping boxes as well making sure they are supplying poly bags in addition too helping source J-Hook tags which can currently only being found on Dennison Plastic tag pins due soon coming into production at our supplier’s factory!

The environment deserves your attention, and so does our planet. That’s why they`re working hard to save over 400 million plastic bottles a year while making the world better for everyone- including you!

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