Would I Lie To You? - 2nd Edition

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Would I Lie To You? - 2nd Edition is an engaging and hilarious party game based on the popular British panel show. Designed for 2 or more players, this edition brings the wit and charm of the show into a tabletop experience filled with bluffing, deception, and laughter. Here's a detailed description of this entertaining game:

Would I Lie To You? - 2nd Edition is a party game that challenges players' storytelling abilities and their knack for detecting the truth from fiction. Inspired by the beloved British TV panel show, it invites players to share outrageous, amusing, and sometimes unbelievable stories, blurring the line between fact and fiction.

Components: The game includes cards featuring intriguing statements or scenarios, scoreboards for tracking points, and instruction cards outlining gameplay rules and variations. Additionally, a sand timer may be included to set time limits for storytelling.

Gameplay: Players take turns acting as storytellers, drawing cards with bizarre statements or scenarios. Each player reads the statement or scenario aloud to the group, claiming whether it's a true story based on their personal experiences or a fabricated tale invented on the spot.

The goal is to convincingly present the statement or scenario as either true or false while attempting to deceive opponents. Players from the opposing team can then ask probing questions to uncover inconsistencies, call out bluffs, and ultimately guess whether the story is true or a lie.

Points are awarded based on successful deceptions or accurate deductions. If a player successfully bluffs opponents into believing their lie or accurately identifies a lie, they earn points, fostering a competitive yet jovial atmosphere throughout the game.

Key Features:

  1. Hilarious and Engaging: The game thrives on humour and wit as players concoct creative stories or attempt to discern fact from fiction, leading to uproarious moments and light hearted competition.

  2. Dynamic Gameplay: The storytelling format coupled with interrogation and deduction keeps the game dynamic and encourages interaction among players.

  3. Versatile Player Count: Suitable for various group sizes, allowing for entertaining gameplay in intimate gatherings or larger parties.

  4. Replay ability: The diverse set of cards ensures that each round offers new and entertaining scenarios, maintaining the game's freshness over multiple play sessions.

  5. Accessible and Easy to Learn: Simple rules and straightforward mechanics make it accessible to players of different ages and gaming backgrounds.

Would I Lie To You? - 2nd Edition brings the spirit of the beloved TV show to your tabletop, offering an entertaining and laughter-filled experience where quick thinking, bluffing, and a bit of cunning are all part of the fun. Perfect for parties or casual get-togethers, it guarantees memorable moments and plenty of laughter among friends and family.

Number of Players: 2-8

Age Range: 12+


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