The sparkle tales kingdom is a fantasy world where all kinds of magical creatures live. It is a place where fairy tales and imaginations are free to roam. The sparkle tales world consists of forests, desert, sea and a magical castle.

Harvey the sloth is a new addition to the sparkle tales range. Harvey has sparkly golden hands and feet, his arms and legs are long like a real sloth and he has the featured `panda` Eyes.

This amazing toy is perfect for playtime and cuddles time. It will be a big part of children’s play times for years to come. Have fun with your fancy pal friend wherever you go. 

Harvey is a great gift for children of all ages, this is made from the softest materials to ensure that it is super cuddly. Great gifts for any occasion, whether it is for a birthday or Christmas. Add this unique item to your cart now before it is sold out!


  • A fun cuddle toy that will accompany them through a great time!
  • Have fun with your fancy pal friend wherever you go.
  • Treat that kiddo to hours of fun and cute, cuddly moments. 
  • Also used as boy & girl bedroom decoration.
  • Make it fun for the baby’s tummy time.

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