Looking for a new cuddly friend? Check out the BT21 MANG Plush Toy! This adorable toy is perfect for kids and adults alike. Made from soft purple fabric, MANG is super huggable and sure to become your new best friend.

MANG loves to dance, and you can too with this fun toy. Get your groove on and let loose with MANG by your side. MANG is also great for decoration, so put him on your bed or dresser to add some extra personality to your room.

Why not start your own BT21 collection with MANG? He’s the perfect addition to any fan’s collection. Order your BT21 MANG Plush Toy !

Standard benefits:

  • – Super soft and huggable fabric
  • – Fun dancing action
  • – Great for decoration

Emotional benefits:

  • – Gain a new best friend to dance and have fun with
  • – Let loose and have some fun with MANG


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