FEATURES A WHOLE WORLD OF WILD ANIMALS: Test your memory and powers of observation to answer questions on the; habitats, behaviors and much more beside with animals from across our planet
OVER 430 WILDLIFE QUESTIONS: You can enjoy a game in as little as 5 or 10 minutes but with hundreds of questions there’s hours of fun to be had and no two games will be the same
SOLO OR FAMILY PLAY: Enjoy the game alone or with family & friends. The challenge is simple; how much can you remember from your chosen card in just 10 seconds
FUN & EDUCATIONAL: BrainBox is designed to be fun to play whilst also providing a mental work out thanks to the memory and observational based questions
GAME CONTAINS: 55x game cards with 440 individual questions, 1x rules card, 1x 8-sided die,1x ten second timer


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